DIY Outdoor Toilet

When nature calls, a DIY outdoor toilet can really save your ass.

This DIY outdoor toilet is great for a weekend camping trip.


1. Start with a 5 gallon bucket, heavy duty trashbags, a pool noodle, and toilet paper.

2. Remove the bucket’s handle and drill a small hole about 3 fingers from the connector port.

3. Thread the toilet paper onto the handle and connect it to the new connector port.

4. Line the bucket with trash bags.

5. Cut a three-foot piece of pool noodle, then carefully cut a slit down the middle lengthwise.

6. Attach the pool noodle to the rim of the bucket.

7. Drill another small hole near the handle, then use a small bungee cord to keep the handle lifted away from the bucket. This will make it easier to unroll your toilet paper.

8. Your bucket is ready to use!

Check out the full video tutorial here

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